A revolutionary DAO dedicated to ending the world water crisis. Built on the Juno network.







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At AQUA, we’re focused on building tools and incentive structures for social impact organizations to scale and unleash their true potential. While we’re focused on ending the world water crisis, we also believe in empowering other organizations to accomplish their missions. For those who invest in $Aqua, you’ll be incentivized in ways not seen before in the crypto space both on and off chain. We hope you join us on the journey :)

What about #airdrops? Tokenomics will be finalized and available soon

1. First let’s talk about our beliefs around airdrops. We know some communities simply view the tokens they’re airdropped as an opportunity to swap and acquire more of their L1 token or an “apex asset.”

2. We feel we need to continue to fight that narrative and lead by example by delivering a sizable #airdrop to the $Juno and $Atom communities (details soon).

3. We feel both communities understand the importance of building up the value of the entire ecosystem + it’s attractive to devs, founders, investors and more when they see a community supporting all projects vs just 1 or 2.

4. We believe when the Juno network and #Cosmos ecosystems win, we all win. As a DAO created to end the world water crisis and empower other nonprofits with innovative tools, it’s in our own best interests to get our tokens in the hands of as many people as possible.

5. Simply put, we are going to need all hands on deck with everything we’re trying to accomplish and we’ll have unique on and off chain incentive systems that’ll deliver real value and opportunities to all stakeholders.

6. We’re dialing in all the details and will share with you all the minute everything is finalized. In the mean time, we hope you’re doing well… and that you’re excited about $Aqua :)

7. One last thing :) There’s no seed investors, private round, VC’s, etc. we believe that value belongs to those who support our work and mission!

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