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Help raise funds for a better planet through blockchain rewards







Snapshot Dates


Airdrop Size


carbonZERO DAO's purpose is to help raise funds for a better planet through blockchain rewards.

carbonZERO DAO is created by carbonZERO validator. carbonZERO has been on a mission to grow as an eco-friendly, carbon neutral Cosmos validator to help better the planet by using a portion of our commissions to plant trees and off set carbon emissions with our friends at Ecologi.

- min 50 $EVMOS to qualify
- validator has to reach active set for snapshot to be taken
- snapshot 1 month after reaching active set
- if not in active set, no tokens will be airdropped
- ratio of $cZERO for $EVMOS staked goes up with more $EVMOS delegated
- carbonZERO typically donates 10% from commissions; with $EVMOS donations are going up to 20% of commissions
- 10% bonus to $EVMOS stakeholders monthly, in $EVMOS
- $cZERO stakeholders can use their voting power in the DAO and to submit DAO proposals

Subjectively we try to stay away from #airdrops focused on specific validator set, however, the cause in this case is worth pursuing. You are not getting a promise of an #NFT - instead there is verifiable project with positive ecological impact.

Note: carbonZEROzone is still NOT active in the $EVMOS validator set. Your delegations in the meantime help them reach the active set. DYOR and remember no rewards on $EVMOS delegations until carbonZEROzone is in the active set.

Source for more details: Now Validating For EVMOS and Introducing the carbonZERO DAO With The cZERO Token!

Token and Initial Airdrop Information

100M Initial Token Supply.

2 Week Unstaking Period

Token supply sent to and managed by the carbonZERO Foundation multisig wallet in DAODAO and can be verified there.

Up to 1% of the token supply was allocated to the carbonZERO team to be able to initiate proposals the DAO and to use for giveaways and marketing purposes. A small amount has been staked to initiate governance. Beyond that, the team will have to earn cZERO tokens from airdrops just like everyone else! This creates a more decentralized DAO.

Tokens remaining after the initial EVMOS delegator airdrop will be held in the carbonZERO Foundation multisig until needed for the next node launch and airdrop. Once these token funds run out, a proposal can be created to mint more tokens or tokens can be bought back from the market.

Airdrop Information

Minimum of 50 EVMOS to qualify.

The Game Of Airdrops

Snap shot taken for the airdrop to be taken 1 month after our EVMOS validator node reaches the active set and is able to maintain. If we drop out of the active set, the snap shot clock resets! Airdrop will be scheduled 2 weeks after the initial snapshot date. A second snapshot is taken just before the airdrop and addresses that have removed their delegation in that time period are disqualified from receiving cZERO tokens.

If we do not get into the active set for EVMOS, we do not airdrop tokens!

cZERO will be listed on either JUNOSwap or the Frontier Osmosis exchange in the future, no specified date set for exchange listing. More information to come.

Airdrop Levels

Ratio is shown as cZERO:EVMOS for every EVMOS Staked. So to break it down, if you stake the minimum of 50 EVMOS tokens with carbonZERO, as we are able to get into the active set and stay there during the snapshot and airdrop, then you will receive 0.5 cZERO for every 1 EVMOS you have delegated to us. The ratio increases the higher up the levels you go.

Level 1 - 50+ = 0.5:1

Level 2- 250+ = 0.75:1

Level 3- 500+ = 1:1

Level 4- 1k = 1.5:1

Level 5- 2.5k = 2:1

Level 6- 5k = 3:1

Level 7- 10k = 4:1

Level 8- 25k+ = 5:1

Those who stake their EVMOS with carbonZERO will be able to set up auto-compounding on our Restake app! We are all set up and ready to go!

Please note that on the Restake app, while in the inactive set, you will have to select the dropdown that says "Active" and select "Inactive". Once we are in the active set, carbonZERO will show at the top of the list of validators on our Restake app!

Join us in our quest to help our planet through blockchain! Help us plant trees to offset carbon emissions, or stake your cZERO tokens and come and vote or submit your own proposals for a local eco friendly cause in your area!