Modular blockchain network for anyone to easily launch their own blockchain.

link https://interchaininfo.zone/indexes/celestia






Stakers of ≥ $75 $ATOM & $OSMO + onchain activity (interacting w/ smart contracts, IBC transactions). See full post for other qualifications.

Snapshot Dates


Airdrop Size


How to Claim

Check URL https://genesis.celestia.org
Claim URL https://genesis.celestia.org

Go to: https://genesis.celestia.org/
Connect Wallet
Submit Celestia Address

To claim:

Go to: https://genesis.celestia.org/
Connect Wallet
Submit Celestia Address
You will have $TIA in your wallet when Celestia mainnet launches - sometime later this year

The Genesis Drop invites 7,579 developers and 576,653 onchain addresses on Ethereum rollups, Cosmos Hub, and Osmosis to join Celestia, allowing them to pay for blobspace and secure the network from the first block.

Until 17 October, 2023, 12:00 UTC, eligible developers and addresses can add their address to the Celestia genesis block by visiting genesis.celestia.org. Tokens claimed via the Genesis Drop will be accessible directly in-wallet from the first block.

The Genesis Drop allocates 60 million TIA (6% of total supply) across the following categories:

  • Research and public goods
  • Early modular ecosystem
  • Early adopters of Ethereum rollups
  • Stakers and IBC relayers on Cosmos Hub and Osmosi:

TIA documentation provides further details of Celestia’s token model, supply, and fee market.

Genesis Drop

Celestia’s Genesis Drop invites a wide range of eligible developers and onchain addresses to build and contribute to Celestia’s modular ecosystem from inception.

Eligibility for the Genesis Drop falls under four categories, two allocating TIA to 7579 developers and two allocating TIA to 576,653 onchain addresses on Ethereum, rollups, Cosmos Hub, and Osmosis. Developers can be eligible for multiple TIA allocations, (e.g. the sum of Research and public goods, Eth Research, and/or Early modular ecosystem).

The Genesis Drop claiming period will conclude on 17 October 2023, 12:00 UTC.

Any eligible TIA amounts presented at genesis.celestia.org or in this post are the minimum amount, based on a scenario in which 100% of eligible GitHub accounts or onchain addresses claim. At the conclusion of the Genesis Drop, unclaimed tokens, up to 45 million TIA, will be allocated to developers and accounts who have submitted addresses.

Stakers and IBC relayers, Cosmos Hub and Osmosis - 20,000,000 TIA

Stakers - 18,500,000 TIA

The Genesis Drop allocates TIA to Cosmos Hub and Osmosis stakers and delegators of ≥ $75, inviting them to join Celestia and participate in securing and governing the network.

To allocate more TIA to more active addresses, eligibility is broken down across three levels of stake and onchain activity, derived by multiplying stake and an onchain activity score.

An address’s activity score, adapted from Trusta Labs’ MEDIA framework, is based on its onchain behavior, such as IBC transactions, the recency of its last transaction, number of active months and other metrics described below.

Criteria TIA allocation Eligible Min TIA

Top 10%, stake x activity score 3,250,000 29,630 109.69
Top 50%, stake x activity score 9,250,000 116,552 79.36
Stake x activity score (0-50%) 6,000,000 119,635 50.15

  • Cosmos Hub and Osmosis stakers and delegators of ≥ $75, snapshotted before 1 January 2023
    • Cosmos Hub block: 13482205
    • Osmosis block: 7592794
  • An address’s eligibility bucket is determined by multiplying the address’s stake with its activity score
  • An address’s activity score measures the address’s level of onchain activity. The metric is defined and measured according to this Cosmos/Osmosis Scoring Method adapted from Trusta Labs’ MEDIA score framework, which generates a composite score out of 15 based on:
    • Recency of their last transaction (prior to Jan 1 2023 snapshot)
    • Number of IBC transactions
    • Total value of all transactions in USD
    • Age of the account
    • Number of transactions
    • Gas spent in USD

IBC relayers - 1,500,000 TIA

IBC relayers are unsung heroes of the Interchain and will help make modular chains interoperate.

Criteria TIA allocation Eligible Min TIA
IBC relayers, Cosmos Hub & Osmosis 1,500,000 540 2,777.78

Eligibility criteria (IBC relayers)
  • Addresses making MsgRecvPacket transactions onchain before 1 January 2023 (Cosmos Hub block 13482205, Osmosis block 7592794).
    • Data provided by Numia

Exclusion criteria

  • Cosmos and Osmosis addresses identified by Trusta Labs as having a very high likelihood of being sybils based on their methodology using onchain clustering behaviour and asset transfer graphs
  • Known exchange addresses on Cosmos Hub and Osmosis labeled by Numia as well as known addresses connected to onchain exploits and other compliance criteria.

For other eligible groups as well as more details please see the Sourced article: Initiating Genesis Drop