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Source: What is Mission Two of the cheqd community airdrop?

Note: Claiming from United States of America is currently Restricted, and from Indonesia is Limited. For more please see Terms & Conditions of cheqd Community Rewards / Airdrops

Stages of Mission Two airdrop

Stage One: Engaging Cosmos ecosystem stakers from other Cosmos chains

We took a snapshot of ATOM, OSMO and JUNO chains on Thursday, 10th March 2022. To be eligible for the rewards, a token wallet must already have been staking the following amounts at the time the snapshots were taken:




The minimum staking amounts above were assessed at an account-level, as a cumulative total across all validators on these chains. In other words, an account would not have had to stake the minimum amounts on a single validator. (We believe it is better to promote behaviours that lead to decentralisation of voting power, rather than promoting the concentration of voting power.)

Eligible wallets will receive CHEQ tokens for each of the above chains where they were staking the minimum amounts. In other words, eligible wallets will get a fixed amount of CHEQ tokens for each chain where the minimum staking criteria was met.

Stage Two: Rewarding participation in the CHEQ ecosystem

We have been extremely lucky to see the support we have seen from the Cosmos/Web 3.0 community for the cheqd project. We want to ensure that our existing community members are rewarded for their participation.

We also really hope stakers from other Cosmos communities dive deeper into what we're building here for decentralised digital identity at cheqd, as well as participate meaningfully in the cheqd network ecosystem.

To qualify for Stage Two rewards, a token wallet must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Stake at least 100 CHEQ tokens: Token wallets staking a minimum of 100 CHEQ (combined) across any set of validators on the cheqd network. You can do it across any set of validators, with any amount staked on a single validator.
  2. Bonding a minimum amount to liquidity pools on Osmosis DEX: Bonding your token to the specified liquidity pools makes a token wallet eligible for additional incentives within Osmosi DEX. You must bond the tokens in the liquidity pool; simply adding them to the pool is not enough.
    1. At least 250 CHEQ tokens (+ equivalent in OSMO) in CHEQ:OSMO LP: Bond at least 250 CHEQ tokens and an equivalent amount in OSMO in CHEQ:OSMO Pool #602. This liquidity pool has CHEQ external incentives, as well as OSMO incentives.
    2. At least 250 CHEQ tokens (+ equivalent in ATOM) in CHEQ:ATOM LP: Bond at least 250 CHEQ tokens and an equivalent amount in ATOM in CHEQ:ATOM Pool #617. This liquidity pool has CHEQ external incentives, as well as OSMO incentives.

Token wallets that meet the criteria above will receive CHEQ tokens for each of the criteria they meet above. In other words, if you want to receive the maximum reward, you simply need to stake CHEQ tokens as well as participate in both liquidity pools.

We will announce the date on which the snapshots for Stage Two will be taken at a later date.