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Updated: May 4th, 2022:

Source: Clan Network Tokenomics: A Web3 inspired gaming economy

$CLAN tokenomics design

The critical token design decisions we describe below were inspired by recent network launches on Cosmos: Osmosis, Stargaze and Juno. (1) We decided to airdrop 40% of $CLAN’s genesis supply from day 1, this is in line with our aspiration to make Clan Network truly decentralized and community-led from day one. (2) We choose to airdrop to $SCRT, $ATOM and $LUNA stakers to attract Cosmos communities that have a strong, active developer and NFT communities and potential technical integrations with Clan Network. (3) We set the initial inflation rate to 100%, with yearly thirding, to strongly incentivize active, ongoing contribution to the network. (4) Almost all of the remaining tokens are going to (i) core contributors of the network — not just the founding team, others are encouraged to participate (ii) game developers — we offer game devs to be true partners, through partial ownership of the network (iii)) validators — to secure the network, and in the future, to offer interchain security for game developers that would want to build their own Cosmos zones.

Genesis distribution plan- 334,250,000 $CLAN

The Genesis distribution consists of two main buckets: (1) Airdrop and (2) Strategic

  1. The airdrop includes:

The airdrop will take place in June, distributing $CLAN to $TANGO holders and $SCRT, ATOM & $LUNA stakers. After this initial distribution, Clan Network’s first voting action will be to decide upon an additional Cosmos chain (TBD-???) to be included in $CLAN’s airdrop!

The amount of $CLAN distributed is relative with whale caps installed to ensure a wide, fair distribution and minimums put in place to prevent ‘dust accounts’ that will dilute the airdrop. More details about the airdrop including the claim process, minimum and whale cap, snapshot and eligibility details will be described in a separate dedicated Airdrop article.

As noted above, one of the main goals of the airdrop is to attract active Cosmos NFT, gaming and development communities. We aim to establish a solid technical community that is hardwired to Cosmos’s multi-chain future grand vision.

Updated: April 19th, 2022:

$SCRT and other #Cosmos chains are likely to be included in this airdrop for the future #web3 gaming project.
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