Coffee Drop

Coffee Drop Unique #NFT on #Cosmos, Buy Coffee for Your favorite creator







Snapshot Dates


Airdrop Size


85% of supply is airdropped
- 3% $STARS
- 11% $SCRT
- 11% $JUNO
- 20% $OSMO
- 25% $ATOM
- 30% Coffee Drop NFT

Source: Coffee Drop White Paper

Coffee Drop is a community project, which aims to create a website, where creators can receive tips in cryptocurrencies. Each person will be able to create their own page, where they will be able to post useful links related to them. Also, there will be a panel where creators choose in which cryptocurrencies they want to receive donations. Each transfer will be automatically sent to their address.

Crypto Tree that's how we called our website builder. Every creator who collaborates with us will be able to create and use the site for free

Coffee Drop NFT

It’s a Collection of 7000 pixel coffees, which with their style refer to the cosmos ecosystem. Our collection will allow us to fully finance the project and ensure the Team's operation for the coming years!

Our users will be able to send NFTs to their favorite creators as a donation. Then the Creator will be able to exchange the NFT for $COFE tokens.
After mint there will be a snapshot of all NFTs owners and everyone will get an airdrop of $COFE token.