Cronus Finance

Cronus Finance is a premier, fully permissionless and composable AMM built on @EvmosOrg







Snapshot Dates


Airdrop Size


Eligibility criteria:

$JUNO, $OSMO, $EVMOS and $ATOM delegators, $EVMOS LP Providers on Osmosis

Min 5 $ATOM/$JUNO/$OSMO staked

Snapshot: 2 snapshots randomly between March 6th and 28th. Snapshots to be taken at a later date for $EVMOS stakers and LP providers.


Source: The Cronus Airdrop

Groups eligible for the Cronus Airdrop:

1) Evmos Community

2) JUNO Stakers

3) OSMO Stakers

4) ATOM Stakers

5) Snapshot Details

P.S As of this article, the Evmos team is still working on resolving issues so we won’t be taking any snapshots yet for Evmos stakers / LP providers. We will update on this as well on our socials!

When will the $CRN token launch?

P.S This is not to say that we will be slow in launching the token or shipping features, but we will let our actions do the talking for that.

When will I receive the airdrop?