Data Vault

Token Symbol:$DAVA Airdrop Size:TBD

Rumor: Airdrop for $SCRT stakers. More details coming soon.

Source: DataVault

DataVault is the world’s first decentralized privacy-preserving content management and data exchange protocol built on blockchain technology. Using the privacy guarantees of Secret Network to handle data encryption and access management as well as the decentralized data storage solution of IPFS, DataVault as a protocol empowers a suite of front-end applications that can easily plug into the modular secret contracts that compose DataVault. Key to the design of DataVault applications is the ease of uploading data, purchasing access to the data, as well as disputing the integrity of the underlying data. YouTube, Periscope, Theta, Xbox Game Pass, and Provenance are all conceivable use cases that could be easily partnered with and add the decentralized and privacy-preserving equivalent leveraging DataVault and its ecosystem of applications built on the Secret Network blockchain.