Dataverse (ODIN)

Token Symbol:$GEO Airdrop Size:17,500,000

$GEO token #airdrop:

- $ODIN Stakers & liquidity providers ($ODIN/Osmos)
- $ATOM Stakers
- $OSMO Stakers
- snapshot taken

More details from: Proposal #13 Mint 17.5m Geos for cosmos ecosystem Airdrop

We are requesting to mint 17500000 GEO to be minted on the ODIN chain for the cosmos Ecosystem airdrop.

50% of the total GEO supply will be minted on the ODIN chain in the next few months. GEO, the first ODT token, will be distributed among the following:

- ODIN Stakers & liquidity providers ($ODIN/Osmos)
- Atom Stakers
- Osmosis Stakers

Minimum amount & snapshot dates to be announced.

$GEO is a token from @odinprotocol and @data_verse team(s?)

$GEO is a token with utility in a number of products:

- blockchain game 9 Worlds
- GeoCash data collector app
- Wallace - native Wallet
- GeoScan - get rewarded for anonymously sharing your shopping/personal stats

Source: Dataverse - Truly decentralized tools for web 3.0!

We'll update as more details become available.

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