Diffusion Finance

Token Symbol:$DIFF Airdrop Size:TBD

Updated: June 15th, 2022:

Diffusion $DIFF Airdrop for $OSMO $JUNO stakers is now live - #wenAirdrop


- $OSMO delegators to @binaryholdings and @frensvalidator validators
- Snapshots for $OSMO: Feb: 17, 21, 26 and Mar 2nd
- $JUNO: min 50 $JUNO staked, snapshot: June 11th
- claim process will require MM
- you have 6 weeks to register
- twitter thread on how to claim here.

Original post: February 19th, 2022

4 different groups that will be eligible for the Diffusion airdrop:

1/ 🦄 Uniswap Community: As @Uniswap v2 fork we want to give their community some love and help bring them over to Evmos. We will airdrop to:

a) UNI Token holders
b) Addresses that burned a lot of gas fees interacting with Uniswap contracts

Snapshot done Dec 31st 2021.

2/ OSMO Stakers: We'll be airdropping to addresses that delegate (stake) OSMO to @binaryholdings and @frensvalidator. Those two teams have helped us a lot and will be infrastructure partners 🤝. Snapshots will be continuously taken starting today all through Evmos launch.

3/ @EvmosOrg Community: Evmos success = Diffusion success and the Evmos team has been a great support to this project. We will airdrop to:

a) Users who stake Evmos
b) Evmos LPs on @osmosiszone

Snapshots will be taken continuously after mainnet and token launch

4/ Diffusion early adopters: We will reward the community members that support and believe in the project. We will airdrop to:

a) Early LPs on Diffusion (specific pools)
b) Early Users

Snapshots will be taken continuously after mainnet and @diffusion_fi token launch.

Source Twitter thread: