Yield Hub within the Dymension ecosystem, focusing on NFTs.

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$FELIS - Another $DYM Airdrop  coming in Q2/Q3 of 2024

Gata Hub, active in Cosmos since 2022, is launching GATA RollApp as a comprehensive Yield Hub within the Dymension ecosystem, focusing on NFTs.

$FELIS Key Features

  • NFT Launchpad for emerging projects.
  • NFT Marketplace for trading.
  • NFT Staking for rewards, including the native $FELIS token.
  • Yield dApp offering gamified yield for both FTs and NFTs.
  • FT/NFT Perpetuals for speculating on NFT market trends.

$FELIS Roadmap

Q2 2024: Launch of RollApp testnet and mainnet, staking dApp beta, and launchpad.
Q2-Q3 2024: Introduction of the NFT launchpad, marketplace, and AIRDROP.
Q4 2024-Q1 2025: NFT staking and yield farming pools.
Q2 2025-onwards: NFT perpetual dApp and community governance with further ecosystem development.

$FELIS Token and Tokenomics

  • Max supply: 972.5M $FELIS
  • Genesis supply: 300M $FELIS
  • Airdrop: 7% or 72.5M $FELIS
  • Total supply reached in the first 4 years
  • Will be used for transaction fees and rewards within the RollApp


  • Community Drop 7%
  • Ecosystem growth 47%
  • Token Sale 9%
  • Community pool(DAO) 17%
  • Team 11%
  • Grants/Bounties 4%
  • Advisors 3%

FELIS Vision

Aims to be the go-to for NFT yield farming, with innovative features like NFT perpetuals to advance the NFT ecosystem and gamified yield dApps.

SOURCE: Introducing GATA HUB RollApp, a Yield HUB on Dymension 

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