Code Collaboration for Web3

link https://interchaininfo.zone/indexes/gitopia






$ATOM $OSMO $AKT stakers & repositories

Snapshot Dates


Airdrop Size


How to Claim

Check URL https://gitopia.com/rewards
Claim URL https://gitopia.com/rewards

1. gitopia.com/login

2. Connect Kepler

3. Create Profile / Request Grant

4. It may fail on this screen but when you reload you'll see that "balance has been updated"

You can now claim airdrop and complete missions. 

3 $LORE airdrop categories:

1. $ATOM $OSMO $AKT stakers & repositories, date of airdrop TBD

2. Game of $LORE rewards

3. Past open-source contributors

Total airdrop size: 60M $LORE - 12% at Genesis or 3.51% fully diluted

Snapshots are done done

Launching on StreamSwap June 1

"Gitopia envisions a decentralized open-source economy in which developers collaborate and get rewarded for creating cutting-edge technological advancements. LORE tokens have been designed to fuel the future of this open-source economy"

Gitopia mainnet went live May 17th

50M $LORE will be distributed to actively developed Interchain projects/chains & bounties on issues on Gitopia:

$ATOM $OSMO $AKT stakers: 2M $LORE for delegators and 1M $LORE for bounties, each

Number of eligible delegators:

$ATOM: 249,375

$OSMO: 108,757

$AKT: 25,639

Future Expansion:

The remaining 41M $LORE is reserved for Interchain bounties on issues on Gitopia for all verified Cosmos projects, including the initial three projects. These projects will be verified and added via governance proposals.

Rewarding Game of $LORE participants

2.25M $LORE total

- 1.25M $LORE for contributors
- 1M $LORE for validators

This incentivized event is complete.

More about Game of $LORE

Airdrop to past open-source contributors

7.75M $LORE to open-source contributors based on their past contributions to open-source and web3 projects on GitHub. Series of monthly airdrops designed to incentivize past open-source contributors on GitHub to migrate to Gitopia

Team Vesting

28% of the block emission go to team vesting pool

Vesting: 12 months cliff. 0.834% unlock every month post-vesting

The vesting period of this pool has been designed to ensure that the team remains fully committed to the development of the of the protocol

Gitopia is launching $LORE via Stream Swap

StreamSwap bootstrapping phase will kick off on June 1st and run for 48 hours. Once it begins you can start depositing $OSMO to subscribe and acquire $LORE here: https://app.streamswap.io




Source: The LORE Token Model