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Updated: August 27th, 2022:

Gnoland tokenomics

The primary token of Gnoland is the $GNOT (Gno token), often used with the ugnot unit on-chain. The token first use case will be to pay the transaction fees and reward validators.

As Gnoland is still in testnet, the token is not live yet, but there is already some token distribution inside the genesis of the new test2 testnet. Token distribution is still in progress and might be subject to changes until mainnet launch.

Another token, called $GNOSH (Gno shares), will be used to reward the contributors with a mechanism called Proof of Contribution that is still being defined. $GNOSH will be earned through bounties and distributed to contributors. The transaction fees will be distributed between the validators and $GNOSH holders. The more $GNOSH you earn, the bigger your proportion is inside the contributor pool. While the contributors won't lose $GNOSH, they will be diluted every time new $GNOSH is distributed.

Initial distribution

A fixed volume of 1 billion $GNOT is emitted at genesis.

The proposed distribution is the following:

  • 750 million $GNOT distributed through airdrops for $ATOM holders and stakers on 05/20/2022 (see snapshot here). A larger ratio will be given to those who voted NO and NO WITH VETO on Cosmos Hub Proposal #69 and YES (see Peace Declaration) in different proportions.
  • 100 million $GNOT will be attributed between New Tendermint Inc. and Jae Kwon; the repartition is expected to be communicated publicly.
  • 100 million $GNOT will be given to the Core Mission DAO, which will manage the community efforts and ecosystem around the project. This DAO is yet to be defined.
  • 50 million $GNOT will be distributed to early GitHub and ecosystem contributors. In this amount, 10k were attributed to test1 testnet, 100k to test2, 2M between faucet0 and faucet1.

There is no listing price announced yet.


$GNOT airdrop was distributed to the same addresses than the Cosmos Hub one (ex: cosmos1xxxx airdrop distribution is on the g1xxxx address), using the same seed you can derive the private keys of your gno wallet to start using your $GNOT.

You should never communicate your seed phrase to check your airdrop eligibility! It is currently highly recommended to not import your seed phrase on existing web browser Gnoland wallets, as most of them are still unaudited and closed source.

Source: Gnoland tokenomics

Updated: May 11th, 2022:

  • Snapshot: May 20th, 2022, 8 AM PDT
  • Vote NO WITH VETO on $ATOM Proposal 69 to have a more favorable $GNOT airdrop allocation
  • CEX wallets are not eligible

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Updated: April 29th, 2022:

  • 67.5% of $GNOT to be airdropped to held/staked/pooled $ATOM;
  • Snapshot date: May 19th, 2022


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