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Gravity Bridge is a decentralized Cosmos blockchain whose primary purpose is to secure the operation of bridges between blockchains.







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Claim URL https://spacestation.zone/

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Go to: https://spacestation.zone/

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Source: Part 1 / ATOM Airdrop

We propose distributing 110,000,000 GRAV tokens to the Cosmos Hub community and invite them to become aligned stakeholders in the Gravity Bridge Chain’s growth and success.

The Gravity Bridge Chain’s purpose is to become the primary conduit for bridge transactions between EVM chains and Cosmos. The Cosmos Hub is the symbolic center and an important political actor within the Cosmos Network.

We believe the long-term alliance secured by airdropping tokens to active participants of the Cosmos Hub will be well worth the outlay of GRAV tokens, encouraging the Cosmos community to converge around the Gravity Bridge Chain as the primary EVM block space provider.

Numerous chains have airdropped tokens to addresses on the Cosmos Hub including Osmosis, Regen, Juno, and Stargaze, successfully catalyzing community participation in these new Cosmos networks. By likewise targeting the Cosmos Hub, we will also reach these same users, catalyzing their use of Gravity’s EVM bridging services. The goal of this proposal is to bring the Gravity Bridge Chain community closer to the Cosmos Hub community with aligned incentives for an Interchain Secured zone.

Per Althea’s , the Gravity Bridge was initially intended as an integrated Cosmos Hub module, however the prospect of integrating with the Hub via Interchain Security became an attractive option due to engineering and time constraints. So why were ATOM holders not included in the Gravity Bridge Chain genesis? Only accredited investors were eligible for inclusion in the initial distribution. This proposal seeks to use Gravity’s decentralized governance to retroactively correct the Cosmos community’s omission.

The following proposal is to create an airdrop to ATOM holders who participated in governance on the Cosmos Hub, either by voting directly or by delegating to a validator that voted directly. The snapshot was taken at block height 6746995, which was the last block that a vote came in from proposal 49 (gravity bridge), on 2021-06-28, which was the proposal to include the Gravity Bridge on the Cosmos Hub directly.This proposal includes 79,991 addresses (broken into two proposals to accomodate a max 45,000 per proposal limit) to receive a cumulative 110,000,000 GRAV tokens. Due to Osmosis’ prior quadratic distribution any non-linear distribution method would be unfairly gamable. It is vital that a complex network such as the Gravity Bridge also have an active set of constituents who will help maintain and grow the network. Thus account balances + bonded token amounts for any account who participated in at least one governance proposal were taken from height 6746995 and normalized to 110,000,000 GRAV tokens.

The Gravity Bridge and Cosmos Hub engineering teams continue to work together to create a tightly coupled system that achieves high security, rapid iteration, and future integration of services like the Cosmos Hub’s Chain Name Service and IBC relay service. As Interchain Security nears V1 readiness, this distribution of GRAV tokens will ensure smooth integration, as well as long-term collaboration toward making the Gravity Bridge Chain the primary EVM to Cosmos bridge.

We thank the Cosmos community for their enthusiasm and support and look forward to a long-lasting partnership as Cosmos takes this important step toward connecting to the greater crypto economy.

Source: 16 GRAV Airdrop Osmosis and ION holders

This is a CommunitySpendProposal requesting 13,750,000 GRAV tokens from the Gravity Bridge community pool to distribute to the Osmosis community pool, via a 2 of 3 multi-sig, and 1,100,000 GRAV to ION token holders as of block height 2397435. By voting Yes on this proposal token holders will signify approval and funding from the pool will distribute upon it’s passing.

The members of the multi-sig include:
Zygimantas Magelinskas, Figment
Zaki Manian
Ethan Kravitz, AGE

Upon the passing of this proposal, the multi-sig will transfer the GRAV into the Osmosis Community Pool.


The goal of this proposal is to create a market for the GRAV token. While the Osmosis community will determine the best way to deploy these tokens, we hope a distribution strategy that aligns the entire Cosmos ecosystem with the Cosmos Gravity Bridge chain is prioritized and adopted. Examples include GRAV airdrops to Osmosis LPs, OSMO stakers, and offering liquidity mining incentives to LPs that include GRAV tokens. The Osmosis community is an incredibly creative governing body and we are excited to see which novel proposals are discussed & approved.

The Osmosis community has previously signaled a desire for a diversified Treasury; Osmosis contributors have expressed this sentiment before, and the Osmosis community at large has signaled this by agreeing to a loan of OSMO to Stargaze to launch their LBP.

The Osmosis community will be able to launch a liquidity pool for GRAV<>OSMO pairs, engage in Gravity governance, or run a community validator with help from this GRAV. Contributors to Osmosis could also request being compensated for work in GRAV tokens.

This is a great opportunity to increase the circulation of GRAV.

Details about the Airdrop:
Total Amount of GRAV: 14850000
Amount Distributed to Osmosis Community Pool: 13,750,000
Amount Distribute to ION token holders: 1,100,000