Hansum is a playful Cosmos community-led effort to bring you the Most Hansum Token You Will Ever Hodl.







Snapshot Dates


Airdrop Size


Source: Hansum Token Distribution


Release Schedule

Hansum will have an initial total supply of 694,200,000 tokens on the airdrop distribution date. This total will be distributed between the airdrop to JUNO, ATOM, and OSMO communities as well as a reserve held for staking inflation rewards, JunoSwap LP rewards, a small allocation for the team, and the community pool.

All the tokens will have already been minted on genesis and will be distributed to both JunoSwap incentives and staking rewards according to the schedule specified below.


Airdrop — ATOM Stakers — 10.0% — 69,420,000

Airdrop — OSMO LP — 5.0% — 34,710,000

Airdrop — Juno (Stakers and LPers) 10.0% —69,420,000

Team — 10.0% — 69,420,000

Community Pool — 30% — 208,260,000

DAO Staking Inflation Rewards — 25% — 173,550,000

JunoSwap LP rewards — 10% — 69,420,000

Team Allocation

We have set aside 10% of the supply for funding the execution Team, to stay self-funded and to keep growing the token community and potential use-case. There will be a 9 month vesting schedule, with 20% distributed upfront. The team distribution will be important for making sure that we can stay aligned with key advisors and to make sure we can continue to reward those that help to keep the DAO on track.

LP Incentives

10% of the released tokens are to go to liquidity mining incentive rewards. LPs are a huge factor in the decentralized distribution of the Hansum DAO tokens, therefore we have allocated a big percentage to ensure that those providing liquidity of the token are rewarded. In the original launch only JunoSwap pools will be incentivized for 180 days. It’s up to the DAO to decide if these incentives should be extended and if if other DEXs in the ecosystem should also be incentivized in the future.

DAO Staking Rewards

Staking gives governance abilities, and so we should reward those that choose to participate in governance. Staking Rewards will last for 270 days, with the possibility of being extended in the future via governance.

Community Pool

This pool is intended to be spent by Hansum governance, with intentions to increase visibility of the Hansum token and to help build its potential over the coming years. We hope that the pool is used to leverage community actions to help build engaging content, articles, as well as development for the DAO.

Initial Distribution

Airdrop Allocation

We have chosen to release 25% of the supply to the Cosmos Hub, Juno and Osmosis communities for their efforts in solidifying the Cosmos Ecosystem.

Cosmos Hub $ATOM stakers will receive 10% (Minimum 5 $ATOM Staked).

Juno Stakers (Minimum 5 $JUNO Staked), and respectively JunoSwap LPers ($150 USD minimum LPed) together will receive 10%.

Osmosis Chain LPers will receive 5% ($150 USD minimum LPed).

Binance, Coinbase and Kraken delegators will not be included in the airdrop.

Next Steps

The snapshot for ATOM, OSMO, and JUNO users will take place on March 1st and, shortly following that, the launch of the token. Stay Hansum!