$HOWL is on chain micro-blogging that allows you to support creators directly and earn rewards yourself!

link https://beta.howl.social/






$JUNO stakers & Holders of DENS name on May 4th, 2022.

Snapshot Dates


Airdrop Size


How to Claim

Claim URL https://airdrop.howl.social/

How to claim your $HOWL airdrop.

1. Go to the Howl Social airdrop claim website
2. Click on the connect wallet button
3. Approve the prompt to add uni-3 to keplr wallet
4. Approve the connection request prompt

Congratulations, you have claimed your HOWL airdrop!

Updated: May 7th, 2022 on Snapshot and eligibility

  • Snapshot taken: May 4th, 2022
  • Snapshot taken for both @decentralizedns  and $JUNO delegators
  • These are separate criteria - you can do one or the other or both to be eligible.
  • No specific validator delegation is required for $JUNO

$HOWL is on chain micro-blogging, with one difference. $HOWL allows you to support creators directly and earn rewards yourself!

Write a cool thread? Post your thoughts - $HOWL allows other users to reward you for your posts.

$HOWL builds on@decentralizedns using your dens alias to build your profile. Want a new account? Register a new alias. In a DAO? Great. DAOs can use $HOWL too!

$HOWL will be community driven with the $HOWL DAO at the centre, built on  @DA0_DA0. (de)NS holders will receive a namedrop of $HOWL, and $JUNO stakers will receive a stakedrop of $HOWL.

Who is behind $HOWL? Anons ready to rug you? No, quite the opposite. If you've been active in the $JUNO community you'll recognize some handles.

First, the founder of @decentralizedns/ Core-2 $JUNO member - @frey_needlecast. Running nodes, shipping contracts, shitposting on @gameofnodes_.

Second, @callum_and1, @DA0_DA0 contributor and "Zoomer CosmWasm Dev". Use 100% of your brain and you can be like him - too busy shipping to sleep.

Third, aswever, creator of the cosmwasm.tools dev tooling. He’s a regular helping new smart contract devs on the $JUNO Discord.

We also want to thank the hardest working wombat in the cosmos, @max_maxsolo for keeping everybody in the loop on what’s been happening in the $HOWL dev bunker, 200 floors below sea level.

Finally, a shoutout to @donkeydnky  for help with contract and UI design. They’re a Terra blockchain veteran and polymath, working on everything from award winning music videos to video games.

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