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Potential airdrop for $TIA Stakers

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$HYPR from Hypr Network

Per the team:

"We’ll be announcing something special for $TIA stakers as a show of gratitude for us being part of the Celestia ecosystem."

No snapshot or other data available yet - it's EARLY. You know we'll let you know when there is more.

More on Hypr x Celestia:

Hypr is a Layer 2 blockchain built on top of Ethereum. Zero-knowledge proofs are poised to reshape the gaming landscape and Hypr team believes it is at the beginning of that revolution

  • Hypr Network: A platform scaling to meet the needs of gaming developers. Journey to a modular future begins with Celestia Data Availability Layer, enhancing scalability from day one.
  • With Conduit, Hypr Network integrates Celestia's modular approach to separate and streamline blockchain technology. This evolution is critical for creating scalable, flexible decentralized applications.
  • Data Availability's role: It ensures transaction data is both accessible and verifiable, crucial for L2 solutions like Hypr. This approach boosts scalability, reduces congestion on main chains, and promotes a trustless ecosystem.
  • Key features of Celestia's Data Availability: Data Availability Sampling (DAS) for light node efficiency and Namespaced Merkle Trees (NMTs) for targeted data downloading. This tech is a game-changer for execution and settlement layers
  • Benefits of Celestia for Hypr: Enhanced scalability with higher transaction throughput, reduced load on main chains like Ethereum, and a fortified layer of security and trustlessness. All while enabling efficient light client verification
  • Celestia's modular architecture allows Hypr Network to easily create virtual execution environments.

Hypr benefits from dedicated block space for gaming developers, significantly reducing application deployment costs.

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