Token Symbol:$iREST Airdrop Size:-3

Possible $iREST #airdrop for $JUNO holders is coming from Inspirest:

Inspirest is the AI-based fashion metaverse that connects the physical & virtual worlds.

Aims to build tools & Fashion as a Service (FaaS).

Inspirest will be built on @JunoNetwork

Inspirest consists of:
- Mobile Applications with Fashionic AI
- Fashion NFT (iNFT)
- Augmented Reality for Fashion (iAR)
- Fashion Metaverse (iMETA)

FaaS is a distribution model in which digital fashion-related
services are provided to users. Examples:

- digital stylist service
- AI supported decision algorithm
- social interaction tools customized for fashion
- digital fashion events
- designs produced by AI models

Source tweet with a hint of an #airdrop for $JUNO:

Inspirest has a number of recent tweets that suggest #NFT holders will have increased #airdrop allocations. Check the official Discord to stay on top of these announcements.



Hope Inspirest team will share more details about the airdrop, eligibility, schedule, & team unlocks - the whitepaper does not have any mentions of the airdrop and seems to have team data that needs clarification Also: if the first unlock is in 05/2023 - has to ship soon?