Mande Network

Onchain Credibility Hub for Web3

link https://twitter.com/MandeNetwork






$DYM Stakers

Snapshot Dates


Airdrop Size


How to Claim

Claim URL https://rolldrop.mande.network/

Mande Network – The Onchain Credibility Hub is coming to Dymension

Mande Network’s ambitious aim is to sculpt the most robust on-chain credibility framework that acts as the cornerstone for other DApps

RollDrop to DYM Stakers

5% of $MAND total supply or 1M $MAND to $DYM Stakers unlocked at launch.

LAUNCH timing / TGE / Snapshots or any other Airdrop criteria has not been announced yet. Please stay tuned.

RollApp Incentives

5 million $MAND allocated to early users of the Mande Network RollApp through a credibility staking DAPP.

What is Mande Network?

Mande Network introduces the Proof of Credibility (PoC) protocol, built on the principles of Ubuntu philosophy and leveraging ZK-Credentials.

Objective of Mande Network

To create the most robust on-chain credibility framework for DApps, enhancing trust, privacy, and security across essential societal domains such as politics, social platforms, and financial systems.