Marble DAO

Token Symbol:$MARBLE Airdrop Size:21,000

Source: Marble Paper

Airdrop criteria:

• Person delegated at least 20 JUNO on-chain: 0.75 MARBLE
• Person voted on at least 1 on-chain governance proposal: 0.2 bonus MARBLE
• Person voted on all 14 on-chain governance proposals: 0.5 bonus MARBLE
• Person delegated to at least 1 validator outside the top 50: 0.1 bonus MARBLE

$MARBLE holders will guide the DAO through its decisions – you are part of an organization, the first one on Juno

• Total Supply of 21,000 tokens
• 97% of supply will be airdropped to Juno stakers solely – no seed sale, no private sale and no public sale
• 3% of supply will be for the core-team to create LP (Osmosis and JunoSwap), giveaways, incentives, increase Treasury – at the end the core-team
will not hold any MARBLE
• The snapshot has been taken on February 18th - 54310 delegators

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