Liquid Staking protocol tailored for Celestia’s modular blockchain ecosystem.

link https://interchaininfo.zone/resources/step-into-the-milkyway-introducing-a-celestia-liquid-staking-protocol






$milkTIA holders & $milkTIA users across the DeFi will accrue mPoints on a daily basis

Snapshot Dates


Airdrop Size


$MILK Airdrop and campaign update

  • mPoints now: $milkTIA holders & $milkTIA users across the DeFi will accrue mPoints on a daily basis
  • MassDrop later in 2024: 10% of $MILK total supply will be distributed to mPoints holders

How to earn mPoints

  • 1 $milkTIA = 1 mPoint/day; active DeFi engagement = at least 1.2 mPoints/day.
  • Earn by holding $milkTIA, participating in DeFi pools, lending & borrowing.
  • Daily snapshots track $milkTIA balances for mPoint accrual.

Where to Earn mPoints

Whitelisted DeFi protocols:

  • @osmosiszone
  • @Levana_protocol
  • @mars_protocol
  • @demexchange
  • @QuasarFi
  • @margined_io

More protocols coming - check here https://app.milkyway.zone/discover

Tracking Your Progress

The MILK Token Launch Timeline

  • mPoints system active through early 2024 with phased rollouts
  • $MILK token launch slated for first half of 2024, following mPoints build-up.
  • Details on $MILK tokenomics coming soon.

Updated: February 14th, 2024


MilkyWay has not confirmed specifics of a possible $MILK Airdrop. What they did mention is:

Focused on a Gamification campaign, with rewards point system

Consider rewarding

  • Early LPers
  • TIA Stakers
  • TIA Holders

MilkyWay have referenced Jito and marginfi as something they think worked really well, and seems like points / rewards based system is an inspiration for a potential $MILK Airdrop. If you liquid staked your $TIA Airdrop and potentially LPed on Osmosis, we speculate that you may be eligible.

What we think this means is:

MilkyWay team wants you to hold and use $milkTIA throughout Cosmos and Interchain. Seems like there will be a leaderboard with some correlation to

  • length of liquid staking
  • amount of liquid staked $TIA
  • various DEXes or dApps where you have deployed $milkTIA
  • and probably other additional factors...

The above is PURE SPECULATION on our part, and we'll update once official $MILK Airdrop information is available.

For more potential Airdrops to $TIA Stakers check out our evolving Ultimate TIA Potential Airdrop List