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$MUSE #airdrop:

- Snapshot Monday, August 15th, 2022
- Eligibility: Top 25,000 $JUNO holders AND those who:
- Retweet the post below, like, and tag 3 friends

If you spread the word before the time of the snapshot you _may_ win an #airdrop slot too.



Why MuseDAO?

The pandemic has been extremely detrimental to classical, historical and roots musical traditions—musicians are leaving their profession in droves because they can no longer support themselves within their fields, and many music institutions that were already struggling prior to the pandemic now face an even bleaker future.

Furthermore, the majority of institutions receiving patronage to employ and salary musicians often have considerable overhead expenses that can result in a lack of clarity as to where these resources actually end up — regardless (or even in spite of) the patron’s initial intent to directly support the artists themselves.

In response to these problems, MuseDAO is creating the first DeFi asset for musicians, to be distributed directly without the need of centralized institutions, unlocking entirely new opportunities for musicians to earn and grow wealth –regardless of the societal or institutional challenges they may face– so these profoundly meaningful art forms and the artists who represent them can thrive for generations to come.

MuseDAO is responsible for developing the protocol that distributes the digital asset $MUSE. The purpose of $MUSE is to facilitate a global ecosystem of grassroots live art performance, rewarding both those who perform as well as those who provide physical space, organize events, and gather audiences.

Value is generated and distributed within the MuseDAO ecosystem through two simple protocols:

$MUSE Airdrops — a digital asset awarded to musicians and curators

  • In reward for performing and/or facilitating at least one in-person or virtual concert each month, MuseDAO-registered musicians and curators will receive a monthly allotment of $MUSE.

$MUSE Staking & LPing— incentivized acts of patronage

  • MuseDAO member-patrons acquire and stake $MUSE to support all token-holding artists, growing the value of $MUSE and the MuseDAO ecosystem as a whole. By staking and providing liquidity, member-patrons receive regular rewards and incentives, including 5% APY and access to special performance events.

*Note: Musicians may also stake any $MUSE they receive, enabling them to take advantage of the same passive income opportunities as member-patrons