The Permissionless Interchain-Secured CosmWasm Gateway to IBC: Launch on Neutron, build for the Interchain.

link https://interchaininfo.zone/indexes/neutron






$ATOM staking on November 19th, 2022
Min: 1 $ATOM
Max: 1M $ATOM
Potential: $sTATOM holders
Voted on @cosmos Prop 72 regardless if its Yes/No/Abstain/ NWV

Snapshot Dates


Airdrop Size


How to Claim

Claim URL https://launch.neutron.org/

YOU WILL need $ATOM or $USDC for gas to claim $NTRN airdrop

Visit: https://launch.neutron.org/ connect wallet to generate your $NTRN address.

You can send $ATOM from CosmosHub or Osmosis or send $USDC via Satellite

To send via Keplr:

Go to settings and turn on Developer Mode
Select Neutron as the chain and save your wallet address somewhere
Select Cosmos Hub as the chain, and scroll down to find IBC Transfer.
Click Destination chain and “add IBC transfer channel”
Select Neutron as the destination chain and input channel-569 as the channel id.
Save, paste your Neutron address (from step 2), add the amount, sign the TX and voilà!


To use $USDC send via Satellite

Once you have your gas in place:

Visit https://launch.neutron.org/
Connect wallet
Sign and Confirm

VERY IMPORTANT: You may get an error / insufficient gas - make sure to select ADVANCED and change gas from $NTRN to $ATOM (or $USDC) transferred above

You can claim $NTRN as soon as the airdrop event is live
Airdropped $NTRN will go through a 3 month vesting period
Tokens vest for 3 months, starting at the end of airdrop 2-week event


Updated: April 4th, 2023:

Neutron releases $NTRN Tokenomics - and $NTRN airdrop info - please see the sourced link. Some highlights:

- 1B $NTRN total supply
- 40M $NTRN or 4% to accounts with over 1 $ATOM staked on 2022–11–19
- 30M $NTRN or 3% allocated to accounts that voted on @cosmos Prop 72 regardless if its Yes/No/Abstain/ NWV

In July 2022, the Cosmos Hub community approved Prop 72, endorsing Neutron and allocating 50K $ATOM for development. To express gratitude, and ensure the Hub’s community is well represented, 70M $NTRN, or 7% of total supply will be allocated to $ATOM stakers at genesis.

- Claim: within 3 months of Neutron's launch
- Unclaimed tokens may be returned to the DAO’s Reserve
- Claimed tokens will be unlocked over a three-month period
- During the unlocking period, these tokens will generate voting power

$NTRN airdrop exclusions:
- U.S. persons, sanctioned persons and residents of sanctioned countries are not eligible to participate.
- CEX Validators: Binance, Latent Iron, Zugerselfdelegation, CEX, Coinbase, CoinoneNode, debo-validator, GAME, Huobi, Kraken, OKEx Pool, Upbit

At the time of the snapshot, Stride was offering liquid staking for $ATOM on a reasonably large scale. Stride and Neutron are working together to ensure that $stATOM stakers at the relevant block height would receive their appropriate share of the $NTRN airdrop.

Min/Max stake:

Min: $1 $ATOM. This minimum excludes ~38% of all Cosmos Hub accounts
Max: $1M $ATOM. This maximum only concerns the ~25 wealthiest accounts, yet it reduces the eligible stake by ~33%, thereby increasing the allocation to all other participants by a third

Neutron’s genesis file contains the entire supply of $NTRN tokens and a parameter that sets inflation to 0. Unless governance decides to modify this parameter in the future, no additional $NTRN tokens will be created beyond the 1B included in the genesis file.

Original post from July 27th, 2022:

Potential #airdrop may be coming to $ATOM stakers when @Neutron_org launches

- Neutron is being funded with $ATOM (50K)
- Assuming $ATOM delegators get a juicy #airdrop (per @Neutron_org team: "We are considering the airdrop, but there hasn’t been any announcement, only speculation so far.")
- Neutron will be the first Cosmos chain to be secuired by interchain security
- Tokenmoics are still being worked on but speculation is that native token will be vote escrowed type
- "The implication is that applications on the chain will have to compete to buy and lock native token so they can direct more emissions to themselves."

We'll post more information when it becomes available.

Source tweet thread: