Token Symbol:$NOM Airdrop Size:3,500,000

Airdrop Details

The Stakenet launch includes an airdrop to ATOM holders and stakers in order to begin circulating the NOM staking token.


  • ATOM holders/stakers with balance of at least 1.5 ATOM
  • Snapshot: Cosmos block 9,150,000 (Jan 21st, 2022 at 11:22:43 UTC)


  • Total amount: 3,500,000 NOM
  • Formula:
    • (min(liquidBalance, 1000) + (4 * min(stakedBalance, 1000))) / 20.299325
    • (A 1000 ATOM cap on both liquid balance and staked balance, with a 4x multiplier on staked balance)
  • Decay: linear decay beginning 1 month after launch of nBTC

Claim the airdrop and begin staking NOM in the Nomic web app: https://app.nomic.io (the Keplr Chrome extension is required).

Note that staking rewards will not start accumulating until Feb 1, 20:40 UTC.


Reserve for Airdrops II & III - 7,000,000 NOM

Details for these airdrops are TBA and will be included in the upcoming network upgrades. Until then, these tokens are reserved but not in circulation.