Token Symbol:$PASG Airdrop Size:86,000,000


- First 10,000 Strange Clan NFT holders
- Stakers and/or LP-providers in the #Cosmos ecosystem

The initial airdrop at genesis consists of 2/3 of the total airdrop allocation. The remaining 1/3 is made available at month 14 post-genesis for wallets who staked their initial airdrop for the duration. Those who staked within a communicated timeframe (to make sure that the people who want to commit long term have the chance to do so) will have the chance to get an extra 50% of their initial airdrop.

All unclaimed airdrops are subject to token burn which will decrease the total available supply.

$PASG #airdrop will take place after the public sale through LBP. $PASG Mainnet went live on August 17th, 2022.

Source: Passage Token Whitepaper 2022-01-18