A frontrunning-resistant DEX built around privacy







Snapshot Dates


Airdrop Size


$PLMR #airdrop is coming to $SCRT, $JUNO, $OSMO, and Sifchain addresses from @polymer_labs

- emphasis on DEX participants / LP Providers
- launch in August (?)
- snapshots and other details TBD

Polymer.fi is an upcoming Balancer-like AMM on the @SecretNetwork

@polymer_labs Testnet V1 is officially live on @SecretNetwork - Swap, LP, or Experiment with testnet assets. Join Discord to participate.

Polymer.fi is the first Balancer-style DEX to exist on Secret Network. Polymer aims to streamline the process of privately swapping both native and bridged assets, with weighted and stable asset pools.

Source: Polymer.fi: Balancer-like Secret DEX

At launch, 5% of the PLMR token supply will be airdropped to addresses on Secret Network, Juno, Osmosis, and Sifchain. The airdrop specifically targets addresses that are active DEX protocol participants in the Cosmos ecosystem, especially liquidity providers. The goal of the airdrop is to incentivize major LPs on Cosmos chains to switch to Polymer for more sustainable yields, private transactions, and easier portfolio management / tracking. Once the airdrop snapshot is taken, users will be able to clam PLMR tokens by interacting with Polymer's contracts on Secret Network.

We will incentivize early LPs on our DEX with PLMR token rewards. Unlike other DEXes, rewards will be non-inflationary and available for a brief period of time. A fixed supply of 3,150,000 $PLMR will be distributed across a 3-week timeframe following the mainnet launch, with the goal of bootstrapping initial liquidity from a variety of cross-chain sources.

We're building Polymer.fi with an emphasis on...

  • Offering competitive rates to traders.
  • Fostering a zero-inflation growth model that pays sustainable returns over time to all stakeholders: traders, LPs, and liquid stakers.
  • Remaining completely decentralized and independent of the core development team after launch.
  • Giving all users a simple and elegant trading experience, but optionally exposing advanced features to those who want them.
  • Increasing Secret's TVL by making trading / bridging assets as low-friction as possible for end user


5.2 - Token Distribution

Percent Use Case Vesting
5% Cross-chain Cosmos airdrop to incentivize new users Instant, at launch
10% Seeding PLMR/SCRTPLMR/USDC exchange pools N/A, owned by the protocol
63% Liquidity Mining Logarithmic, spread across 2-3 weeks after launch. Fixed supply, no continuous minting.
12% Development Team Linear, spread across 4 years
10% Community Treasury (Grants) Linear, spread across 2 years