$RAW will be the native asset of the Interchain #DEX alongside with $JUNO.







Snapshot Dates


Airdrop Size


How to Claim

Check URL https://www.rawdao.zone/
Claim URL https://www.rawdao.zone/

Updated: April 26th:

$RAW airdrop allocation - preview how much you can claim:


You only have 30 days to claim $RAW.

$RAW pooling, AMM native & external incentives, DAO staking and more to launch in the days following the claim opening.

The Raw Foundation has furthermore put several proactive measures in place.

- unclaimed / excess $RAW will go to #DAO
- Prevention of sibyl attack
- Whale cap at 700k $RAW
- Core-1 members have their fairdrop reduced by 80% (on staked $JUNO)


Updated April 18th: Source: $RAW Fairdrop

What is $RAW?

$RAW is the token for Raw DAO supporting Junoswap with the following utilities

  • Governance token for the DAO
  • Reward token for liquidity providers
  • Vote on which pools get incentivized
  • Staking rewards via the DAO

Wen $RAW?

Claiming will be enabled May 1st 2022, Users will be able to claim their allocation immediately. DAO and liquidity incentives will be activated shortly after.

Claim window lasts for 1 month and ends on June 1st 2022. Unclaimed tokens will be sent back to the DAO for later use.

Token supply & distribution

$RAW Total Supply is 1,000,000,000 broken down as follows

  • 20% Fairdrop — Distributed to community
  • 3.33% Founding Team — Immediate vest to participate in DAO
  • 6.67% Founding Team — 2 years vesting starting May 1st 2023, monthly unlock.
  • 10% Development Reserve — Raw Foundation multi-sig managed by: Ben, Sashimi, Max, Dimi, Jake
  • 35% Liquidity incentives — Allocated by the DAO
  • 25% Staking rewards — Allocated by the DAO


The $RAW fairdrop aims to reward strong hands and true believer of the Juno and Cosmos Ecosystems. People who staked and provided liquidity on various Cosmos protocols for the longest period will be incentivized more than the ones present only during a single snapshot.

Airdrop is divided in the following categories

  • JunoSwap LPs: 100,000,000 $RAW
  • JUNO Stakers: 80,000,000 $RAW
  • Osmosis LPs: 20,000,000 $RAW

Total to be distributed 200,000,000 $RAW

Juno Stakers

Airdrop for $JUNO Stakers is split between two snapshots, the first during the early stages of JunoSwap and the second taken more recently to incentivize those who staked the longest as well as new comers to the community.

| Snapshot Date | Block | Stakers Allocation |
| February 7th | 1800000 | 30,000,000 $RAW |
| April 15th | 2680000 | 50,000,000 $RAW |

Proportional Formula

My Staked Juno : Total Staked Juno = X (RAW Airdrop) : 30,000,000


Custodial addresses and their delegators

No whale cap

JunoSwap Liquidity Providers

Liquidity rewards are split into 89 snapshots, one every 10000 blocks since February 7th 2022 to April 15th 2022.

We gave every snapshot a score level, based on how challenging it was to provide liquidty at that time. Days where JunoSwap was untested, or where $JUNO price was struggling are given more points.

Snapshot list


Only the following pools are included in the snapshots


We decided to not reward pools with low liquidity, highly centralized token supply, or with low popularity.


Every snapshot will give you a share of the “Strong Hands Points”, your final score will be used to calculate your share of the total airdrop.

Total JUNO inside the pools : Total available points = My JUNO inside the pools : X

Total points : total airdrop = my total points : X

Osmosis Liquidity Providers

Airdrop for Osmosis Liquidity Providers has been split in two snapshots to incentivize both long term and new supporters.

| Block Height | Date | Allocation |
| 3112600 | 2022-02-07T07:28:04.026739481Z | 10,000,000 $RAW |
| 4005000 | 2022-04-15T04:41:23.953686466Z | 10,000,000 $RAW |


Only the main $JUNO pairs are included in the airdrop

  • JUNO/OSMO Pool #497
  • ATOM/JUNO Pool #498


Total JUNO inside the pools : Total available airdrop = My JUNO inside the pools : X

Wen calculator?

Full balances will be calculated and shared this week before the end of Coachella weekend two.

Note about the snapshots

Snapshots have been taken from a Juno archive node provided by ITA Stakers validator. Snapshots have been published at this url https://snapshots.cosmoapi.com/juno

You are welcome to double check snapshot validity and run the airdrop calculator yourself by following our GitHub instructions.


Updated February 14th with Snapshot information:

$RAW will be the native asset of the Interchain #DEX alongside with $JUNO.

Feb. 7th snapshot: $JUNO & $ATOM holders & stakers

Feb. 13th snapshot: @junoswapdex & @osmosiszone LPs

There will be a random bonus snapshot for those who remain bonded until the distribution day.

Retroactive incentives cannot be introduced by the JunoSwap Core team. This will have to be done after the fairdrop distribution.
$RAW holders will control the #DAO governance and can propose this.

Claim date: TBD

Fairdrop Breakdown:

JUNO holders & delegators: 70,000,000 $RAW
JunoSwap LPs: 30,000,000 $RAW
ATOM holders & delegators: 25,000,000 $RAW
Osmosis LPs: 25,000,000 $RAW

$RAW will be assigned & rebalanced by the DAO to incentivize strong pools on JunoSwap on a weekly basis.
Additionally anyone will be able to stake their $RAW in the DAO.

Source: $RAW Blackpaper

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