Rivalz Network

AI-driven Data Provenance DePIN RollApp powered by dymension with Celestia underneath.

link https://rivalz.ai/






$DYM Stakers

Snapshot Dates


Airdrop Size


Rivalz Network Announces Airdrop for $DYM Stakers.

Snapshots, allocations, and other details have not been announced yet. Please stay tuned.

Whitelist and Galaxe Quests

While waiting on more details on $RIZ Airdrop to $DYM stakers here is what you can do:

What is Rivalz?

Rivalz is an AI-driven DePIN RollApp designed to establish a future-proof AI Provenance Data Layer, fostering a modular ecosystem of AI applications.

Purpose and Functionality

Focuses on enhancing AI data provenance, crucial for developing a robust AI Data Market. Offers secure, decentralized storage for AI-ready data, facilitates access for AI companies through FHE, incorporates a data processing grid, and includes a consent management system for PII.

Dymension Partnership

As the inaugural DePIN RollApp leveraging Dymension with Celestia DA technology, Rivalz aims to enrich Dymension's ecosystem by providing a modular data layer accessible to all RollApps, promoting an AI Provenance-focused Data market.

Nodes Infrastructure

Comprises rNodes for data storage and computational resource contribution, and Validator zNodes for managing data flow and security within the DePIN Layer. Validator zNodes require a purchased license, with a sale offering preferential access to Dymension stakers.

$RIZ Tokenomics

Airdrop 5% Full unlock at TGE
Private Sales 29%
Liquidity 7%
Treasury 7%
Team 7%
Advisors 5%
Ecosystem 40%

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