Sei Network

Token Symbol:$SEI Airdrop Size:TBD

Updated: August 11, 2022:

$ATOM is teased as the 2nd eligible token for the $SEI #airdrop.

$LUNA was announced as the 1st eligible token earlier.

Original post from August 6, 2022 below:

Sei is a layer 1 blockchain with a built-in orderbook, enabling an entirely new echelon of DeFi products.

- Sei posted what appears to be #1 airdrop announcement for $LUNA stakers or holders (details will be announced later)

- Sei network is currently running Act 2 of The Seinami incentivized testnet; participation _may_ yield additional airdrop opportunities (speculation on our part)

More about Sei Network:

Sei Network is the first orderbook-specific L1 blockchain. It is built using the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint core, and features a built-in central limit orderbook (CLOB) module. Decentralized applications building on Sei can build on top of the CLOB, and other Cosmos-based blockchains can leverage Sei’s CLOB as a shared liquidity hub and create markets for any asset.