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Snapshot Dates


Airdrop Size


Source: STARS Token Distribution and Airdrop

The Airdrop

The goal of the Stargaze airdrop is to reach the most active participants in the Cosmos ecosystem. Stakers and liquidity providers are more likely to be more active than just token holders. Therefore, Stargaze is doing its airdrop to a mix of network participants:

  • ATOM stakers
  • OSMO stakers or liquidity providers
  • Stargaze validator stakers on Cosmos Hub
  • Stargaze validator stakers on Osmosis
  • Stargaze validator stakers on Regen Network

For each role above, you will be able to claim 2,453 STARS. Distributing a fixed amount is in the spirit of the original Uniswap airdrop, giving every user more or less an equal starting point. In order to claim your airdrop, you have to perform 4-5 actions on Stargaze when it launches. If you have used Osmosis or Rabbithole, you’re already familiar with performing tasks to claim tokens. Some claimable actions include bidding on NFTs, staking, and voting in governance.

Some minimums were put in place to prevent dust accounts and those attempting to game airdrops:

  • ATOM staker: 5 ATOM minimum staked
  • OSMO staker: 50 OSMO minimum staked

Furthermore, delegations to centralized exchange validators were excluded.

For example, if you’re an ATOM staker and OSMO LP, and meet the above minimums, then your airdrop reward is 4,906 STARS.

Osmosis liquidity providers get the airdrop regardless if LP tokens are bonded or not.

Airdrop claimable amounts start decaying 4 months after the launch of the NFT market. The decaying process linearly decreases the claimable amount for another 4 months.

After the airdrop claim period, unclaimed STARS are sent to the Community Pool.

Snapshots were taken on Oct 11th, 2021 from Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, and Regen Network.