Token Symbol:$NOVA Airdrop Size:TBD

- 7.5% of the total $NOVA supply allocated to airdrop
- $ATOM stakers
- snapshot TBD
- NOTE: "only targeting those who have delegated to the Supernova validator"
- Validators will be on each app-chain



Will there be airdrops?

  • Supernova has allocated 7.5% of the total $NOVA supply in airdrop. We are planning to do an airdrop for ATOM stakers after launch. (Details will be fixed in the future)

Who will be eligible to claim the airdrop?

  • As we have announced, we are going to deploy our validators on each app-chain. Since it is important to activate validators, we are only targeting those who have delegated to the Supernova validator.

How do I claim the airdropped tokens?

  • You can claim the airdropped tokens only after completing a few quests that are designed to help Supernova, not right after the airdrop. You will be able to find out more about the quests in the future announcement regarding the airdrop.

Wen airdrop?

  • Supernova will take a snapshot immediately after the announcement to prevent mal-actors from gaming the rewards. Stay tuned!


Source: Supernova Frequently Asked Questions