Connecting Tribes on Cosmos SDK & GNØ Land

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$ATOM holders, The R!ot NFT Holders, top NFT project holders on $STARS, $JUNO, $SCRT, and $EVMOS, Game of Teritori TOP 100

Snapshot Dates


Airdrop Size


How to Claim

Check URL https://teritori.com/airdrop
Claim URL https://teritori.com/airdrop

You can claim your airdrop at http://teritori.com/airdrop
Stake $TORI with Airdrops.one: Restake Ping.pub

70 million TORI tokens will be airdropped to 4 different groups:
  • Atom Holders
As we love them, as much as we love GNØLAND, we'll be using a snapshot taken at the same time as the GNØ snapshot on May, 20, 2022 at 8:00 UTC.
  • The R!ot NFT Holders
The R!ot is the first NFT collection to be launched on Teritori network and naturally, the holders will be able to claim a portion of the airdrop tokens. As the collection will at some point be launched on other networks. The first holders of these new collections will be able to redeem their reward too. A maximum of 3 different collections holders on 3 different networks will be rewarded.
  • Stargaze, Juno, Secret, Evmos NFT holders
As we strongly believe in contributing to the IBC NFT culture, we also want to reward the holders of the top NFT projects from other networks including Stargaze, Juno, Secret & Evmos.
Finally, as the Game of Teritori will be ending right before we go mainnet, we will reward our TOP 100 players with TORI token rewards too. Good luck everyone!

Source: Teritori Whitepaper v.1

Open ecosystem for Web3 communities

Teritori is a multi-chain hub designed to allow IBC and non IBC communities to connect, trade services & NFTs, launch new projects & build further existing ones. The hub notably includes dApps for a daily use such as an NFT launchpad, a marketplace and social features for individuals & communities: Innovate, Trade, Organize.
Join Teritori, let's build together.
Decentralized & Autonomous ecosystem
  • Teritori is built on its sovereign Cosmos SDK chain and governance/utility token TORI. The Teritori DAO will be able to vote on the blockchain’s direction & the next features/dApps to be implemented within the ecosystem.
  • Bounties will also be voted to allow talented teams to contribute to the evolution of the ecosystem.