Token Symbol:$VERSE Airdrop Size:TBD

Updated: September 13th, 2022:

There appears to be an active dump of the token by the DEV or DEV team. Our advice is to DYOR and avoid buying or investing into this token. There have been no statements from the team at this time.

Updated February 28th:

The Stake-drop snapshot will occur on February 28. Users who staked at least: - 20 $JUNO OR 100 $OSMO OR 100,000 $HUAHUA will be eligible for a majority of the airdrop.

Users who further delegate 20+ $JUNO to the UniverseDAO validator on the @JunoNetwork  by March 5th, will receive bonus $VERSE tokens, but a smaller portion of the overall airdrop.

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There will be airdrops to existing delegators of the following:


Bonus $VERSE tokens will be dropped to those who will delegate to the UniverseDAO $JUNO validator


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