Void Protocol

Token Symbol:$VOID Airdrop Size:10,000,000

$VOID Airdrop details:

$OSMO Stakers – 5%
Osmosis LPs (TBD) – 5%

In the pursuit of making it as fair as possible, we will be implementing a whale prevention formula. This formula, while still airdropping stakers/LPs with higher amounts more VOID, distributes less VOID per token as the amounts increase.

To capture some value back from the airdrop, it will be released in a gamified manner.

33% of the airdrop will be released on TGE (Token Generation Event).

The rest will be split into 3 parts, each of which can be claimed by anonymizing funds in one of the VAPs for a full 31 days.

Void protocol gives users control over financial anonymity, as an non custodial opt-in financial privacy service. By depositing fixed amounts into the contract, waiting, then withdrawing to a brand new wallet, funds will be untraceable back to the original wallet.

Void Protocol will operate in a completely decentralized manner, this offers major benefits in terms of security, transparency and peace of mind for the users. In time the protocol will operate under full control of the Void DAO.

More information on the airdrop and Void: Introduction to Void