Zodiac Protocol

Token Symbol:Zodiac Airdrop Size:TBD

- @ZodiacProtocol will airdrop 10% of their total token supply to @osmosiszone users
- Zodiac Protocol deconstructs Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens into Principal only and Yield only tokens
- Zodiac is part of the @osmosiszone Grants Program approved 7th Batch of applicants
- Zodiac came out of stealth today
- Zodiac received funding from Terra as well, so an airdrop for Terra users is also possible

Source: Zodiac Protocol


To deploy Zodiac Protocol's fixed and variable yield markets on Osmosis. Zodiac has also committed to airdrop 10% of their total token supply to Osmosis users, with some predetermined rules that will be detailed by the Zodiac team.

Zodiac will bring a new DeFi primitive to Osmosis, which will provide liquidity providers with different risk-return profiles via liquidation-free leverage from principal tokens, trading-volume-linked cash flow from yield tokens, and new potential use-cases such as collateral for borrow/lend protocols like Mars.