Layer-1 blockchain dedicated to the harvesting, trading and utilization of yield

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Stake with PRYZM validator to be eligible. Delegator snapshots are weekly - you can still delegate.
$ATOM, $OSMO, $LUNA delegators to PRYZM validators. Per the team:

"the longer you delegate for the larger your airdrop"

Snapshot Dates


Airdrop Size



Delegators to PRYZM’s ATOM, OSMO & LUNA validators receive 10 tokens per $1 of validator commission paid.

  • PRYZM is expected to have a genesis token supply of ~1 billion.
  • Up to 20% (200 million) of those tokens can be earned by delegators to PRYZM Validators, which are currently live for ATOM, OSMO, and LUNA.
  • Weekly snapshots will be taken. For each dollar of validator commission paid, delegators receive 10 PRYZM Tokens on the new chain, ensuring an even distribution of airdrops.
  • A bonus airdrop may be available to stakers who transfer their assets to PRYZM when the mainnet is live and: refract them, provide liquidity, or secure the chain.
  • Users benefit from price increases in their underlying assets, earning airdrops at a faster rate when prices rise.
  • Similarly, if commissions are higher, the amount of airdrops will increase.

The team is also teasing that there may be other eligibility criteria - please note these have NOT been confirmed:

  • Testnet & mainnet users
  • Top traders on our DEX
  • Early liquidity providers
  • Apex Cosmos Tokens: $INJ, $TIA, $SEI..
  • Eth DeFi users
  • Zealy challenge users

For more information please visit the official PRYZM Info site as well as Official PRYZM Airdrop page


Original post from January 2023

$ATOM delegators to Prism Validator:
Snapshots weekly from Jan 19th; weighted average will determine airdrop amount

$OSMO delegators to Prism Validator:
Snapshots weekly from Feb 9th; weighted average will determine airdrop amount

$LUNA delegators to Prism Validator & CLUNA holders

1. Delegate LUNA to the new Prism Validator
2. Mint cLUNA on Terra 2 and hold it in your wallet
3. cLUNA — LUNA liquidity providers on AstroportcLUNA — LUNA liquidity providers on Astroport

Snapshots for 1 & 2 will be taken ~weekly commencing 26th–28th November 2022. A weighted average of balances from the weekly snapshots will be used to determine the airdrop amount.

$PRISM holders on Terra Classic

If you held $PRISM on Terra Classic at either of these two snapshot dates you will receive an airdrop:

Snapshot 1: Block 7544910 (May 7, 2022)
Snapshot 2: Block 7790000 (May 26, 2022)

AMPlified Airdrop — PRISM holders at these snapshot dates who also (1) delegate to Prism Validator and/or (2) mint and hold cLUNA will receive a boosted airdrop. This is similar the the AMPs mechanism in v1