Token Symbol:$STRD Airdrop Size:6,300,000
Updated: September 5th, 2022:

The Stride mainnet is now live:

- 20% of the airdrop is granted freely
- The next 20% is granted by staking the first 20%
- The final 60% is granted by depositing any amount of ATOM with Stride to mint stATOM
- The airdrop for ATOM stakers will be claimable after Stride’s first post-launch update, expected at the end of September.
- In the very near future, Stride will on-board @OsmosisZone and @JunoNetwork,allowing $OSMO and $JUNO stakers to receive $STRD airdrop.
- Due to missing ICA implementation, Stride will not be able to support these chains until their next updates. Approximate time: 2-5 weeks.
- On November 1st, unclaimed STRD from the airdrop will be clawed back and immediately recycled into subsequent airdrops
- The incentivized testnet has concluded, and information on reward eligibility will be available on the Stride website this month. Full claim details will be released at that time. Please join the Stride Discord for regular updates.


What you can do with Stride right now:

• Deposit $ATOM with Stride to mint $stATOM
• Use stATOM to redeem staked ATOM

Two LPs coming to @OsmosisZone in about 24 hours:


The $stATOM pool will be incentivized with $STRD rewards.


Updated: August 15th, 2022:

Genesis $ST #airdrop to STAKERS of:

$ATOM: min 10 / max 4200
$OSMO: min 85 / max 43000
$JUNO: min 16 / max 8300

Snapshots: Sunday, August 14th, 13:00 UTC
Claim: in roughly 2 weeks

#airdrop supply: 6.3M $ST (6.3% of total supply of 100M)
$ATOM stakers: 2.2M $ST
$OSMO stakers: 1M $ST
$JUNO stakers: 2K $ST

$ST reserved for airdrops to future chains: 1.675M $ST
Switching cost rebate program: 725K $ST
Incentivized testnet & bug bounty: 500K $ST

- CEX validators are excluded
- Will have to perform several tasks on the Stride to claim the full airdrop
- Only staked assets are counted
- Whale cap of roughly $50,000 of a given asset
- Addresses with less than roughly $100 of a given asset are excluded

Novel claw-back and redistribution mechanism for $ST #airdrop:

Unclaimed ST will be clawed back at 1 month post-launch. It will then be recycled into a second airdrop, using the same recipient set as the first airdrop.

Novel rebate program to compensate users for switching costs. When unstaking assets to deposit with Stride, users miss out on staking rewards. We will be using 725000 $ST over 3 months to provide rebates to users, to offset missed rewards due to unstaking

Source:  Stride Airdrop Details

With Stride launching in just two weeks, it’s high time we shared the details of our airdrop!

The Stride token ticker is $ST. Total supply of ST is 100,000,000 tokens, with a genesis supply of 20,000,000. Full allocation details will be announced later this week. But today we can reveal that 6,300,000 ST - or 6.3% of the total ST supply - will be airdropped.

At Stride, our mission is to provide secure liquid staking for the Cosmos. An important aspect of Stride’s security is its token-holder set. We want Stride to be governed by a wide and diverse set of token-holders, and we also want those token-holders to be active members of the communities we serve. Hence our decision to drop such a large percentage of our token supply.

Airdrops will be available for claim at Stride launch, in roughly two weeks.

ST Airdrop Details

ATOM stakers: 2,200,000 ST

Snapshot: Sunday, August 14th at 13:00 UTC

Min threshold: 10 ATOM, max threshold: 4,200 ATOM

OSMO stakers: 1,000,000 ST

Snapshot: Sunday, August 14th at 13:00 UTC

Min threshold 85 OSMO, max threshold 43,000 OSMO

JUNO stakers: 200,000 ST

Snapshot: Sunday, August 14th at 13:00 UTC

Min threshold 16 JUNO, max threshold 8,300 JUNO

Amount reserved for subsequent airdrops to chains we will support in the future: 1,675,000 ST

Switching cost rebate program: 725,000 ST

Incentivized testnet & bug bounty: 500,000 ST

Airdrop Calculation

The airdrop mechanism is quite simple. We add up all of a given asset across all eligible addresses, and divide the airdrop amount proportionally. Only staked assets are counted. Addresses with less than roughly $100 of a given asset are excluded, as the airdrop would be negligible. Also, a whale cap of roughly $50,000 of a given asset is used. For example, if a user has more than $50,000 worth of a given asset, only the first $50,000 of that asset is eligible for the airdrop.

Exchange Validators Excluded

As with other Cosmos airdrops, we have made the decision to exclude exchange validators. We did this because we want to put ST in the hands of active, engaged members of the communities we serve. Users who stake with exchange validators likely have a low level of participation in the Cosmos ecosystem.


Airdrop recipients will have to perform several tasks on the Stride platform to claim the full airdrop amount. Tasks will be fully explained at a later date.

Novel Claw-back and Redistribution Mechanism

As with other Cosmos airdrops, unclaimed ST will be clawed back. However, unlike other airdrops, clawed back ST will be recycled into new airdrops until it's all claimed. Here’s how it works. One month after the launch of Stride, all unclaimed ST will be clawed back. But the clawed-back ST amount will immediately be recycled into a new airdrop. The second airdrop will be to the same set of recipients as the original airdrop.

To elaborate, if 1MM ST airdropped to ATOM stakers is still unclaimed one month after launch, it will be clawed back. It will immediately be redistributed proportionally across the original set of recipients, using the original snapshot date and eligibility requirements. Effectively, will allow active users to claim the unclaimed airdrop amount from other users, while at the same time giving users who failed to claim during the first airdrop a chance to claim a smaller amount during the second airdrop. This process will be repeated for as many months as it takes for the total airdrop amount to be completely claimed.

We are taking this approach because we really want to distribute our token to the community. We don't want any airdropped ST to be sitting idle in addresses, nor do we don't want to have to claw back ST to our community pool. We want to get our token into as many hands as possible within the communities we serve, but we also want those users to be active and engaged. Using our unique claw-back and redistribution method, ours will be the first Cosmos airdrop we know of where the full airdrop amount is actively claimed. This will help create a wide, diverse, active Stride token-holder set.

Switching Cost Rebate Program

We are aware that there is a significant switching cost to joining Stride. Users have to unstake their tokens to deposit with Stride, meaning they will miss out on staking rewards during the unstaking period. To incentivize users to make the switch to Stride, we want to compensate users for missed staking rewards during unstaking.

For the first three months post launch, we will be providing 241,666 ST per month as a rebate for missed staking rewards. Here’s how it works. We will track the dollar value of assets deposited with Stride each month. At the end of the month, we will distribute 241,666 ST to addresses proportional to their share of the overall dollar value of assets deposited. The rebate program will incentivize early adopters of Stride.

For example, a user deposits $15,000 worth of ATOM and $5,000 worth of OSMO in the first month, for a total of $20,000 worth of assets. The grand total of assets deposited in the first month is $10,000,000 worth. At the end of the first month, the user would receive 20,000 / 10,000,000 = 0.2% of the monthly rebate amount, or 241,666 ST * 0.002 = 483.332 ST.

Future Airdrops

Though we are launching with support for just ATOM, OSMO, and JUNO, we plan to support a total of 15 chains by the end of the year. For each new chain we on-board, we will give an airdrop to that chain, using similar eligibility requirements as our genesis airdrop. To reiterate, it is important that we give the communities we serve a say in the governance of Stride, hence the subsequent airdrops.


The goal of this generous airdrop is to create an active and engaged set of ST token-holders sourced from the communities we serve. We look forward to providing liquid staking for the Cosmos, starting with ATOM, OSMO, and JUNO. Users can claim their airdrops at launch, which is expected to be within the next two weeks.

Original post from July 22nd, 2022 below:

Airdrop details may be finalized soon for $ST

Incentivized testnet is starting around July 23rd-24th; Mainnet Launch is targeted for the first week of August.

Stride is a multi-chain liquid staking experience and will allow you to liquid stake your assets on any Cosmos chain.

The current state of DeFi in the Cosmos ecosystem is underutilized and inefficient. Users are forced to make a tradeoff between staking their tokens for passive yield or participating in DeFi, exposing themselves to greater risk for greater yields.

This doesn’t have to be the case.

Many other proof-of-stake ecosystems, including Ethereum and Solana, have staking derivatives to solve this problem. Now, Cosmos does too.

We are incredibly excited to bring you Stride, the state-of-the-art multichain liquid staking experience! Stride will allow users to liquid stake their assets on any Cosmos chain.

Find out more here: Stride: Multichain Liquid Staking